Thursday, May 17, 2007

May 17, 2007

Stayed the same on the scale today. Not gonna complain about that. It's better than going up. TOM is due anytime, which is probably not helping things any. If I can just resist all the cravings and stick with it, I'll be happy.

I found a great article in the paper I'd like to discuss at length soon. I have a busy day but I'll try to find time to fit it in.

Today so far:
Breakfast: EAS Carb Control Shake - 2 carbs
Water: just getting started

Need to go get on the treadmill and do pilates. Wow.. are my thighs sore from yesterdays workout. But that's a good thing. Means I did something right - my muscles actually got used! :0)

Update #1

Lunch: Green Bean Almondine - 4 carbs

Treadmill - 26 minutes, 1 mile, 125 calories burned
Water: 32 ounces

So far I'm resisting the chocolate...

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