Thursday, May 31, 2007

Your Name Dictates Your Job (just for fun)

A friend of mine sent me an excel sheet that is rather amusing. You type in your name and it tells you what your ideal job would be. I have no way of sharing here, but I'd be glad to email it to anyone interested in trying it out. Here are a few examples:

My married name: Lumberjack (don't think I quite have the physique for this one..)
My maiden name: Brain Surgeon (Are they saying getting married lowered my IQ?? LOL)
My Son's name: Movie Star (over my dead body)
My Daughter's name: Monkey Impressionist (actually.. she does this quite well at the age of 8)
My Husband's name: Psycho-Therapist (good.. now I'll get free treatments..)
My Mom: Soap Actor - ie. River City (there are some possibilities here...)
My Dad: Soap Actor - ie. River City (their names are very much alike.. but this doesn't fit my dad at all)
My Sister: Jungle Explorer (I. Don't. Think. So.)
My Brother #1: Professional Tramp (I almost spewed protein shake out my nose on this one..)
My Brother #2: Mime Artist (Uh.. yeah. He's more likely to be the guy you see beating up the mime because he thinks they are annoying..)

You can also get interesting variations if you use your middle name with your last name, or if you use all three names. Examples:

My full married name: Animal Therapist (I'm all for this one. Bring me your pet, I'll talk to it, make up something I think sounds good, you hand me 100 bucks)
My full maiden name: Quiz Show Contestant (no thanks)
My middle and married last name: God (Uh.. that job is taken by someone MUCH more qualified than me, so I'll pass)
My middle and maiden last name: Nice Old Man (WHAT?!? And all these years I thought I'd be an old lady. Shows what I know..)
My Son's middle and last: Dodgem Driver (Bumper cars?)
My Daughter's middle and last: Panto Dame (I just looked this up - it's an older woman usually played by a man in drag. Again, don't think so..)
My Husband's middle and last: Soap Actor - ie. River City (this seems to be a popular answer)

So, if you love wasting time on ridiculous stuff like this, as I sometimes do, fire me off an email and I'll send the sheet to you. Just keep in mind you need Microsoft Excel to open it. Have Fun!

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