Thursday, June 14, 2007

I'm a travelin' fool... and other jibberish

I have no idea how my husband does it. I've traveled with him for the last two weeks and it's much harder than I thought it would be. Yes we get to stay in hotels and lets someone else clean up after us, we also get to let someone else do the cooking, but you start to miss the comforts of being at home. There's just something much more relaxing about being at home. We've been praying for a different job to work out so he can be at home every night. After experiencing some of what he deals with, I'm going to double my efforts!

On that end we have discussed a business idea we have and we think it will work. Now it's just a matter of putting all the pieces together at the right time. I'll let you know if things materialize as we are hoping they will.

I was too exhausted on Tuesday to get on the computer for more than a few minutes, so hence no post. Wednesday the Internet access in the hotel we were in was down, so I couldn't post then either. Today isn't quite as busy and I stayed behind in the room while he made his afternoon stops.. so here I am!

We made a trip to Wal-Mart on Tuesday to pick up a few things we needed while traveling. While we were there we found a huge clearance area in a little room at the front of the store (one of those rooms that usually has a photo or hair place in them). We looked around and I found an adorable denim skirt on sale for $3.50!! The only drawback was that the largest size was a 12. Right now I am wearing 14's. I finally decided I'd buy it anyway because I believed it wouldn't be long before I could wear it. When we got back to the room that night I tried it on and was surprised to find I could get it on and zip it up! It was really tight and not something I would wear in public.. but it was sure progress.

Fast forward to this morning. I was getting dressed and decided I wanted to try the skirt on again. I'm not sure what I thought would happen. I have been eating very clean, despite how difficult it's been at times. So I slip on the skirt, button the top and zip it up. I was amazed to see that it wasn't really that tight anymore! I could have easily gotten away with wearing it today! In just a couple of days my body has changed that much. I have no way of weighing out here on the road, and I won't be able to weigh at home again until Monday morning, so we'll see what the scale says. But I can say for sure that inches are dropping. Even being bloated wouldn't have made the kind of change I saw this morning. So I'm letting the skirt be my progress meter for now.

(Kimkins reference edited out by Sparky's Girl)

Tomorrow is our 16th anniversary! Tonight we are going to Outback for a nice steak and veggies to celebrate (tomorrow we'll be driving most of the day, then will be with family the rest of the weekend and won't be able to have a private dinner). In my mind I'm thinking that we should be having a nice dinner and dessert, but in my heart I know it's not necessary to have dessert to enjoy the evening. I'm kind of struggling with desserts right now. I've been wanting something sweet (translate: Chocolate!!) for the past 3 days, but sugar alcohols are prohibited on Kimkins. I haven't had a dessert for over 2 weeks now. It feels weird, but also a bit empowering knowing I can live without it this long. :0) That being said, I'd like to have a small bit of something tonight. I'm thinking of picking up something sugar free and just nibbling on it. But maybe I'll talk myself out of it and just have a cup of decaf coffee like I have the last two nights when the cravings hit. I'm surprised at just how well sipping a cup of coffee has worked!

Well, enough of my blabbering for now. I'll try to post again tomorrow if I can. Hope you all are having a great week and I wish you a wonderful weekend!


Jimmy Moore said...

CONGRATS on the new denim skirt fitting you, Amy! WOO HOO! You're doing FANTASTIC!!!

Sparky's Girl said...

Thanks Jimmy! I'm working hard to stick with it.