Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Waxing Is Not For Sissies

Ladies, why do we put ourselves through it all?

I HATE shaving. I do it, but I hate it. I tried Nair years ago and it cause me to break out in a horrid rash. So this time I thought I'd try waxing. You are supposed to be able to go about 8 weeks without having to do it again. Sounds good to me!

I've had my eyebrows waxed once, by my sister. So I sort of knew what to expect. My legs are tougher than my eyebrows so I figured I could handle it. Looking back, I think my sister was enjoying every minute of ripping hair follicles out of my skin.. but that's another story.

So I buy Sally Hanson's "Spa Treatment" wax and settle in for what I idiotically believe will be a simple job. Uh.. wrong.

I heat up the wax and read all the directions. You are supposed to apply the wax and the cloth on in the direction the hair grows. Then quickly pull off the cloth in the opposite direction. They warn you that hair grows in many different directions so you may have to do small areas at a time. I found this out all too soon.

I apply the wax with the stick, press on the cloth, pull my skin taunt and quickly rip the cloth from my skin in the opposite direction. It stung just a bit, but wasn't too bad. To my disappointment I realized I'd only successfully removed about 1/2 the hair I'd just worked on. Thus the same results with each try afterwards.

After painstakingly trying to apply the wax just right for over 30 minutes, I gave up. I then started just slapping the stuff on, pressing on the cloth, and ripping straight up. I actually got better results that way.

So, to make a long story short - Waxing removed approximately every other hair. I still will have to shave.

It took me over an hour to wax both of my legs.. and that's just the lower half! Since, thank goodness, I've never shaved above the knee I have no need to do anything there.

Reading further, it gives steps on how to wax your arm pits. To that I just have to to say.. NO WAY!!!

If any of you ladies have any suggestions on waxing, I'd love to hear them. Did it work for you? Did you have the same trouble I did? What did you wax with? I'm not opposed to trying again, but I'd like it to work 100% next time.

Those of you men reading, please go tell you wife or girlfriend how much you appreciate all the effort she puts into looking nice for you. If it wasn't for my husband, I'd look like Sasquatch. ;0)


cristlegirl said...

Though I have never waxed my legs I have had my brows done and that was not to bad, I've also had other areas done an that hurt!

I do think we females go through alot of pain just to make men happy.

Sparky's Girl said...

Yep.. and I make sure my hubby knows it! LOL