Friday, July 13, 2007


Yeah. See the elephant? That's what I feel like today. I woke up feeling fat and bloated. And I'm up a little more today. I'm pretty certain I'm retaining water, though I'm not sure why. Maybe TOM is going to show up early. We'll see....

I think I'll blame my sister, Lana. She started low-carb just a week ago and has already lost around 7 lbs. SHE STOLE MY MOJO! She started losing and I quit losing! Ok Lana.. if you are reading this, I have a question for you. Why couldn't you have waited until I was at goal before you started low-carbing. Then I would have gladly given you my mojo. (You know I don't believe in mojo.. I'm just giving her a hard time. She knows I love her.) Congrats to Lana! She's almost 1/2 way there already!

I'll spend some more time on the treadmill today and workout on the home gym. Lots of water going down the old cake hole today as well.

Update on the neighbor situation. Hubby talked with a police officer yesterday. She filed an incident report on what happened the night before. She told us to call the police and file a report every time something happens. She said that our area is considered a "safe area" (or zone.. something like that) and the law will not tolerate it. If they are renting the home, they can actually be evicted by the city for their behavior. I don't want them evicted, but I do want them to leave us alone. I'm feeling a bit better knowing that the police will help all they can. I really wasn't sure there was much we could to until someone actually got hurt.

Loads to do today. I'll try to post again later if I can.

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