Saturday, July 14, 2007

July 14, 2007

Happy Saturday to all!

I finally broke my stall. I was down 8/10ths of a lbs today. So new low of 165.4!

Today will be busy with family stuff. I'm getting ready to hop on the treadmill. I bought two 3 lb weights to hold while I walk. My legs always get a good workout, but my arms are just swinging and don't feel like they've done much. Maybe this will help with my upper body as well.

I entered 3 of my photographs into a large contest. The grand prize winner gets a trip to New York. The other winners get a nice Nikon camera. All winners will have their photos displayed in Manhattan at a special exhibit. It starts with Internet voting in each category. The top 100 votes in each category then go on the finals, where judges will chose the winner. As soon as my pics are up I'll let you know, and if you like them, you can vote for me!

OK.. of to exercise.

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