Thursday, August 23, 2007

Experiment gone wrong...

Happy Thursday everyone!

I'm not reporting on my weight because I've decided to stay off of the scale until sometime next week. I just need a break, so I'm going to eat healthy and not think about it for a while.

I have learned something very valuable about myself in the last couple of weeks. I've learned that cutting out diet soda is detrimental to my weight loss efforts. It true! I've struggled, since getting back from vacation, to eat right and get back into ketosis. When we got back I declared a no "diet soda" zone in the house. That way I'd have to actually leave the house and buy one if I wanted some. This would ensure I'd drink more water. The result? I drank more water, less soda... and gained weight. Now the gain can't be blamed on more water or less soda. The gain is due to the fact that I munched a lot more.

I'm used to walking around with a diet rite in my hand. I tried that with a water bottle and it just wasn't the same. I found myself constantly looking for a snack. After looking things over I realized what I was doing and decided to make a conscious effort not to do that. For two days I struggled through not snacking, and failed. So yesterday I decided to add back diet soda, and it went wonderfully as usual. I had no cravings, no munchies. Just my regular meals, my water, and my diet rite. I was happy and satisfied.

I think the diet rite satisfies some kind of craving that I didn't even realize I had, until I'd cut it out. Whatever the reason, I've decided to bring diet sodas back into the house. It seems to be key in helping me eat right. And that's a good thing.


Big Daddy D said...

I can't remember if diet rite has caffeine. If so, it could be that it gives you a little boost or that you've developed an addiction. I for one can't go long without my caffeine.

weightless said...

Hi! I agree with your diet rite assertion. My husband drinks Crystal Light by the gallon on any given day and I had told him that much is really not a good idea. I rationalized it is meant to be more of a treat item (even though I personally detest the taste ArrG!). Problem is if he doesn't have his Crystal Light he is sneaking in fruit pies and wanting to make trips to a burger joint, which isn't healthy for either of us. He still drinks plenty of water. So I have decided for both of us, its probably better if he drinks the Crystal Light as he desires, and then at least I'm not caught into the binge happiness of some other food snuck into our house.

Sparky's Girl said...

Hi Big Daddy! Nope, no caffiene in diet rite, which is part of the reaason I like it. No caffiene, no aspertame, no sodium, no carbs! It's the pefect diet soda. ;)

Sparky's Girl said...


Thanks for visiting me! I think we just have to do what makes it all work for us. For me it's diet rite, for your hubby it must be crystal light. Glad you learned about it before it made things even harder on you both!