Thursday, September 27, 2007

Too much to do.. too little time.

Today's post will just be a short update.


I finally got around to updating my links here.. so there are a few new ones under Blogs and Links you might want to check out.

Kimkins Saga

Christin posted a very moving video blog explaining her doctor visit and where she's at right now. You can see it here.

Weight Loss

I have a new favorite saying: "Failing to plan is planning to fail!" It's a paraphrased quote from Benjamin Franklin. Lack of planning has been my biggest problem lately. I'm now planning my whole day's meals ahead of time so when it's time to eat I know exactly what I'm having. No searching through the fridge trying to decide what I'm "hungry for". Yesterday worked beautifully and I expect today to be the same!

Photo Contest

Thanks to everyone who voted for me in the contest! I happy to announce that all 3 of my photos made the finals! I'll be sure let you know when the judges make their final decisions!


size8jeans said...

I don't see anything about her doctor visit or Kimkins at that link.

Sparky's Girl said...


OOPS! Thanks for letting me know the link was wrong. I left part of it out so it took you to the wrong place. I've got it fixed now! :)