Tuesday, October 02, 2007

High-fat diets and Cancer

I promise this isn't one of those posts that start linking red-meat as the cause of cancer. :0) It's actually quite the opposite!

I just read this exciting article titled Can a High-Fat Diet Beat Cancer?

From the article:

Since early 2007, Dr. Melanie Schmidt and biologist Ulrike Kämmerer, both at the Würzburg hospital, have been enrolling cancer patients in a Phase I clinical study of a most unexpected medication: fat. Their trial puts patients on a so-called ketogenic diet, which eliminates almost all carbohydrates, including sugar, and provides energy only from high-quality plant oils, such as hempseed and linseed oil, and protein from soy and animal products.

The next sentence has me rolling my eyes...

What sounds like yet another version of the Atkins craze is actually based on scientific evidence that dates back more than 80 years.

Uh.. excuse me? This is not another version of the "Atkins craze" This basically IS Atkins!!! Granted, Atkins doesn't use plant oils in place of actual veggies, but you see the connection here. Don't you just love it when journalists throw this kind of rhetoric in?

The rest of the article is very interesting and certainly renews my determination for me and my family to avoid high-carb, sugar-laden foods. And the good news is that it sounds like the research on this will not stop here! Others are jumping on the bandwagon and investigating the possible benefits that cancer patients can receive from low-carb high-fat diets. While I'm not surprised at their findings, I'm certainly glad to see that others are taking a second look. It looks like we may actually getting the message out there! So let's keep spreading the word! :0)


Big Daddy D said...

Thanks for posting this. There have been tons of studies that came to the same conclusion. But somehow our medical establishment turns a blind eye to this. I think it is because they can't make money focusing on cures that don't require intervention of drugs and/or surgery.

I have been telling my mother (a breast cancer survivor) about this for years and she simply doesn't believe it. She went the chemo and radiation treatment route.

Sparky's Girl said...

Thanks for your comment Big Daddy. It's very sad that we can't get those we love to see the facts, simply because the media hasn't gotten behind it.

As someone who has ductal-hyperplasia, which puts me at a high risk for breast cancer, I have even more reasons to avoid these cancer-encouraging foods. I hope someday your mother will see what you've been telling her is true.

JohnL said...

I have read a lot about this subject and it is one reason I follow a very low carb diet. The thing that annoys me about these studies though, is the presumption that you need to use vegetable and seed oils for the fat source. It doesn't make sense to me to deliberately increase the n6 fat intake and upset the n3/n6 ratio. If only researchers could get over the saturated fat thing then you may even see greater results! So many good fats come naturally with wholesome animal fats. They certainly have good n3/n6 ratios if they are from grassfed free range animals.
Cheers JohnL

Sparky's Girl said...

Hi John! Thanks for visiting!

I agree. I'd love to see some studies that give a far shake to animal fats. I believe as you do, that the results would be amazing.