Thursday, October 18, 2007

What'cha searchin' for?

Just a fun post....

So what are folks looking for when they find this blog? Here's some search terms my stat counter shows: (my remarks in bold)

low carb living

low carb

kimkins red dress

low carb pizza toppings

healthier green chili enchiladas (well.. my enchilada recipe isn't green chili, but it's healthy!)

your name dictates your job (wow.. I posted that a long time ago)

kimkins celebrity

sherrie cannal (Say what? Not sure why they got my blog on this one)

low carb chicken enchiladas

chicken enchilada recipe and healthy

kimkins low carb forums (run for your lives!!!!)

your name dictates your job panto dame (is that what it's called?)

kimberly heidi diaz

low calorie living blog (Nope.. no where near low-calorie)

grilled pork loin

how much carb lady should have (huh?)

sugar overdose sick (Oh...I feel for this person...)

my diet is just like atkins, only with c... (I REALLY hope that last C didn't start the word carbs. If so.. this person is a tad bit confused.)

healthy low carb blog

low carb chocolate pudding

low carb blog

calories in one slice of mozerella chees... (they didn't find that info here.. but hopefully they found other things they liked!)

"jimmy moore" (Yep.. lots of references to JM here..)

it's difficult to know how to begin (Begin? Begin what?)

low carb websites

dinner tonight blog

karens low carb recipes (I bet they were looking for my buddy Karen Rysavy at - she has awesome recipes!)

living low with amy (I doubt this person was looking for me. I think they were looking for the other one.)

the truth about insulinoma (The truth.. it's no fun. That's about all the help I can be.)

eating healthy low carb (This one I can help with!)

how many calories are in a 10in cheese p... (Ooo. Sorry. Can't help ya there..)

too little carbs

chicken low carb jalapenos (chicken jalapenos? jalapeno chickens?)

lazy low carb (Oh. This. Is. So. Me.)

busy brain sugar (uh.. ok)

grilled pork loin recipes (YUM!)

"becky's blog" kimmer

my ferret is stiff and screaming (Aww.. poor baby. Sadly, I probably can help some with this one.)

low carb and healty pizza

low carb livin

low carb living magazine (Pffft! That's a wasted search)

this low carb life blog

kimmer, woman's world picture, heidi dra... (They should have just typed in scam..)

i'm a mother of two and extremely overwe... (I feel for this person. I truly hope they got help here!)

low carb heart flutters (can we say Kimkins?)

failed first and second phase insulin re...

what happen to your body if there's lack... (wonder what the rest of this was..)

loving life girl

i feel great eating low carb (Whoo hoo! So do I!)

how fast do pancreatic tumors grow (Sorry.. don't know that one either.)

healthy low carb eating

lo carb living

healty living pictures


"heidi diaz" woman's world

healthy pork loin

grilled pork loin recipe

blog "low carb"

heidi kimberly drake

low carb diet

kimkins amy low carb (again, pretty sure I'm not the Amy they are looking for..)

low carb for life (YES! Someone is figure it out!)

kimkins celebrities

kimkins red dress photo found (Should I even say what I'd like to here? Nah..)

healthiest carb

living low carb

healthy grilled pork

i eat low carb (so do i)

Have a great weekend!


Sherrie said...


I like looking for the funny ones, I used to do it all the time, here's a search term that came up for my forum ages ago which was funny:

"ladies with megga arm pit hair"

I couldn't find any really funny ones this month on either site.

Sparky's Girl said...

ROFL! That one would have had me rolling Sherrie! I don't even wanna know what they were looking for...

I have 4 other sites.. I outta see what they have. LOL

Some can be really strange...

Sparky's Girl said...

I'm too tired to spell.. that should have been ought to, not outta.. lol

Ann said...

I agree with this completely, thanks for the post.

Carol Bardelli said...

That's amusing.

I too get alot of hits for searches on Kimkins and low carb, but I get even more for bodybuilding and Power 90X.

Sparky's Girl said...

Hi Ann! Thanks for visiting me! Did you mean for this comment to be on a different post?

Hi Carol! :0)