Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Yucky-Blucky Flu...

Sorry I've been absent lately. Major changes in our lives have kept me super busy. Lots of traveling, catching-up on school, etc.

This week we have the great privilege (not) of playing host to the stomach flu. Thankfully for my husband, he's out of town and gets to miss all the fun. Lysol has become my best friend this week. If only we could ingest it to kill the germs inside.... But no. This stuff has to run it's course. So yay for me. I've purchased an industrial size bottle of Children's Motrin and a Huge box of sugar-free Popsicles, along with a truckload of Hefty trash bags for the many trash cans that are strategically placed around the house until this is over. So if you have stock in any of these companies, I have probably single-handedly just raised your profits. I'd like to say you are welcome.. but I'd be lying. ;0)

So I'll be checking back in when everyone is well. We'd appreciate prayers for us all. I haven't gotten it yet and hope not to. BUT, with the way I've been eating lately (diet? what diet?) I doubt my immune system is in the best shape. Let's hope it's up to the challenge.


Gluttonynomore said...

Yea, I know what you mean about the poor eating and lowered immune function. I notice the seasons that I eat well, I am not as sick. I thing we sugar senstives tend to get a yeast build up in the system which makes the sick thing even worse. Hang in there, hopefully 24 hours will pass soon and all will be calm once again.

Sparky's Girl said...

Hi Gluttoneynomore! I read somewhere, several years ago, that 1 cup of sugar can render your immune system ineffective for up to 6 hours (or something like that - I need to find that study again). Granted most people don't consume a full cup of sugar at a time.. but think of how often we are harming ourselves by nibbling here and there all day long!