Monday, January 21, 2008

ChocoPerfection - The Name Says It All!

I'm a huge chocolate fan. I'm also very picky. When starting my low-carb lifestyle almost 7 years ago, I thought I'd have to give up my chocolate for good. You can only imagine my excitement when I learned there were sugar-free chocolates on the market that a low-carber like myself could enjoy without any guilt. These candies were made with a product called maltitol. I'd never heard of it before, but according to my LC mentors I didn't have to count it because it did not spike blood sugar levels.

I remember reading the labels and thinking "Wow, 26 carbs with 24 sugar alcohols - so only 2 net carbs. Not bad for chocolate!" While it tasted O.K. (better than nothing I figured) it sure wasn't what I had been anticipating. Then came the thunderstorm that raged in my gut. What discomfort! I learned the side effects of sugar alcohols were less than pleasant and I later found they didn't really help me with my weight loss.

I spent several years trying various candies hoping for the right taste but without the horrid stomach issues and stalling effects. I never found what I was looking for until almost 2 years ago. I had just entered Jimmy Moore's 1 year blog anniversary giveaway and won a 12 pack box of ChocoPerfection.

ChocoPerfection is aptly named! It is the perfect chocolate bar for low-carbers or anyone who is watching their sugar intake. The best part, besides the rich decadent taste, is the lack of maltitol, which has recently been proven to be high on the glycemic index. Sweetened with oligofructose and erithrytol (a non-gastric-distress sugar alcohol), ChocoPerfection has a luxurious creamy texture that it's competitors have yet to prefect. And oligofructose has benefits! According to a flyer I got about Chocoperfection, oligofructose has scientists proclaiming it as "part of a new breed of 'functional foods' that have a variety of properties to improve your health, including curing the body of infections and supporting weight loss." Want to hear more? They also tell us that oligofructose is derived from the chicory plant and is classified as a "prebiotic fiber" which means it will "take root in your digestive tract and support the growth of beneficial probiotic microflora."

Would you believe Mary Jo Kringas, creator of ChocoPerfection, lost over 100 lbs while eating three or four of these a day! Amazing! Who would have thought you could enjoy sinfully delicious chocolate, improve your digestive tract and lose weight?

Oh, and let me take a moment to speak on the subject of customer service. In an age when true customer care seems to be dead, Mary Jo is a breath of fresh air! After winning my box of ChocoPerfection from Jimmy Moore's giveaway, there was a slight mix-up with my address. My prize did not arrive in a timely fashion. Mary Jo quickly apologized for the confusion and sent me 2 boxes of ChocoPerfection to make up for the mistake. I didn't have to ask for a thing. She saw the mistake and made sure the customer was satisfied. I was floored by this kind of attitude. Rest assured if you do business with Mary Jo and Low-Carb Specialties, you will get outstanding service as well as the most delicious low-carb chocolate you've ever tried.

ChocoPerfection is by far the best tasting sugar-free chocolate available. With three flavors to choose from, you are bound to find a favorite! You can purchase these in Dark or Milk Chocolate directly from Low Carb Specialties, or you can purchase all three flavors, including the new Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Raspberry Dark Chocolate bar from retailers such as CarbSmart, Netrition, and the dark raspberry bar from

Thanks to Mary Jo, three of my lucky readers will have a chance to win an assortment of these fantastic bars this week! If you haven't already entered the giveaway for a chance at one of these delicious prizes, do so today! Time is running out! We must have all entries by Midnight on Jan. 24th.

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