Friday, January 25, 2008

Healthy Low-Carb Living Great Start Giveaway Winners

On Jan. 4th we announced that we have were having a giveaway to celebrate the new year and help you succeed with your low-carb goals in 2008. All you had to do was look at the photos posted and send in your guesses along with your name and address. Even if all your guesses were wrong, you were entered into the drawing. The point was to have fun, make you think a bit, and give away some fantastic prizes. I think it's safe to say Mission Accomplished!

The response was overwhelming and many of you mentioned how much fun you had in the process. I can only hope it's been as half as fun for you as it has been for me! I've enjoyed this so much and I'm sad to see it ending. But I'm looking forward to our next giveaway which we'll be announcing within the next several weeks. :0)

Thanks to the generosity of so many wonderful people who strive to help the low-carb community, 10 of you will soon own some of the best low-carb products and books available! We had 124 entries and I wish we could have given each one of you a prize.

A basket containing all the entries we received!

I'm sure you are ready to get on with announcing the winners, but first we need to solve the mystery pictures! These turned out to be tougher than I'd thought they'd be. But you all had such great guesses! And I honestly never thought about how similar some items look up close!

No one got them all right, but some came pretty close! We had 5 people who guessed 6 out of 8 correct and I want to recognize them here for their great eye for details!

Honorable Mentions

Jenny T. from TX
Yvonne E. from IN
Joanne L. from OH
Jennifer R. from PA
Lynn D. from SD

Ready to see the answers now? Here ya go:

Strawberry Sugar-Free Jello

An Almond

Flax Seed



Inside Of A Red Bell Pepper


String Cheese

I appreciate everyone who gave these an effort. You all did very well!

My children had the honor of choosing the winning entries from the basket, so you winners have them to thank for drawing out your names! :0)

My children drawing the winning names!

Now to announce our prize winners....

  • Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution Winner:
    Gayle M. from IL

  • Protein Power Lifeplan Winner:
    Tanya W. from NY

  • Carb Wars, Sugar Is The New Fat Winner:
    Debbie B. from AL

  • 500 Low-Carb Recipes Winner:
    John M. from NY

  • ChocoPerfection Variety Pack Winners:
    Carol M. from AZ
    Mairi B. from NC
    Dan S. from KS

  • Cal-Carb Clicker Winner:
    Joan S. from WI

  • Fiberfit Winner:
    Patti D. from IL

  • $50 CarbSmart Gift Certificate Winner:
    Alison D. from NJ

    Congrats to all the winners! I will be contacting you soon about your prizes, so watch your email!

    I just want to say thanks again to all the generous people who donated prizes! And to each of you who read my blog I owe a huge debt of gratitude. I hope I have touched your lives in just a measure of the way you have touched mine. I promise that in the years to come I'll do my best to bring you informative, encouraging, and inspiring posts that will help continue Healthy Low-Carb Living!


    OhYeahBabe said...

    Congratulations to all the winners!

    Those photos were even harder than I thought - I think Jello was the only one I got right! Thanks for the fun contest. It was tough being in suspense over the photos for that long!

    Low Carb Band-It said...

    OMG - I did win - Honorable Mention and my name is mentioned in "lights"! LOL

    That was really fun, thanks for the contest!!

    Sparky's Girl said...

    Hi OYB and Yvonne! I'm so glad you both enjoyed the contest! I'm looking forward to the next one! :0)