Monday, March 31, 2008

Latest on Kimkins Diet Scam

While it's seemed very quiet on the Kimkins front lately, there's been a lot going on behind the scenes. Attorney John Tiedt was recently interviewed by Steve Murphy of Insider Exclusive. Below is the first 10 minutes of the 28 minute interview about this case.

You can view the whole interview on the Insider Exclusive website here.

After watching the interview in its entirety, I think they overall did a fantastic job of explaining this case. My only disappointment is that they seem to be mixing low-carb and Kimkins in the same pot. They really have no business being in the same sentence. You will occasionally hear mention of ketosis, and they leave the impression it's a horrible process, which it's not. Especially when they interview the Cardiologist later on in the program, who quickly says ketosis is the process of burning muscle tissue for energy when glucose is no longer available. That's simply not correct. Wikipedia has a fantastic explanation of Ketosis on their website:

Ketosis (pronounced /kiːˈtoʊsɪs/) is a state in metabolism occurring when the liver converts fat into fatty acids and ketone bodies which can be used by the body for energy.
Adipose tissue consists of highly specialized cells which store energy in the form of a triglyceride and release it upon hydrolysis in a process known as lipolysis, yielding three fatty acids and one glycerol molecule. These ketone bodies are a by-product of the lipid metabolic pathway after the fat is converted to energy. Ketoacidosis, by contrast, is the accumulation of excessive keto acids in the blood stream (specifically acetoacetate and beta-hydroxy butyrate).

There is also a nice explanation of Metabolic Pathways, Ketoacidosis, and Diet. At the bottom of the page are a list of references backing up all these statements.

One of my concerns through this whole mess was that people would view low-carb in the same light as Kimkins due to the fact she claimed to be a low-carb diet. While her carbohydrate recommendations were certainly low, so was everything else about her plan. That doesn't make it a low-carb diet. That makes it a starvation diet. There is a huge difference and I hope people will realize that in the long run.

On a more personal note, I've received 2 emails in the last couple of days from the Kimkins Affiliate folks talking about the newest affiliate system. What I find laughable is that the first one was sent to me from Brad Johnson's account. If I remember correctly, he doesn't exist. Didn't Heidi admit that she used the name, but no one by that name actually worked for her? She also used the name Vanessa Sharp, from whom I received many emails. Is she still trying to keep up the pretense?

Sad. Very sad indeed.


OhYeahBabe said...

I was disappointed at some of the misinformation the doctor presented on the show, but overall was excited about the great coverage. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
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Amy Dungan (a.k.a Sparky's Girl) said...

Hi OYB! I agree, over all it was a great interview and should really help people understand the seriousness of this scam.