Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Let's Talk About Me

My title makes sense for several reasons:

#1. It's not nice to talk about other people.
#2. It's my blog.
#3. It's April first and I'm a fool.
#4. I have nothing else to talk about. :0)

I can't find anything interesting to share with you today. So I thought I'd bore you with "me" stuff.

Ever since our move, just before Thanksgiving, I've been struggling with weight loss. I'd do fine for a bit, but then blow it again. I'm not sure where my motivation and determination went, but they definitely eloped without even leaving a note. I've struggled to find them and have had no such luck. Recently I've hit rock bottom. I honestly haven't felt this bad since I was diagnosed with FMS and depression almost 8 years ago. I know this funk is a combination of many factors, some of which I can't talk about right now. Let's just say I'm under a huge load of stress and I'm not eating right (at least not very often) or exercising. I also suspect some thyroid issues, but that's something I'll have to discuss with a doctor soon.

So yesterday I'm dragging myself out of bed, enthusiastically ready to face to another day, when I realize how much I'm hurting myself by not taking care of my own nutritional needs. It's not like I didn't already know that, so I guess I just needed a reminder.

Anyway, I did well yesterday. I didn't count or obess over food, but I did keep a running tally in my head. My carbs were under 20, which is mostly all I'm concerned with right now. I'm staying off the scale as well. I'm not ready to look at numbers. I'll peek at them when I'm feeling more confident.

Today has started off well. I've walked on the treadmill for 40 minutes and went almost 1.5 miles. Not really fast, but not too shabby considering I haven't stepped foot on that machine since I moved. I forgot how good I feel after a walk. I literally feel more energized and am in a better mood than I was before the exercise.

I'm now enjoying the last of my 20 oz. of Special K protein water. The powdered stuff you put in your own bottle, not the pre-mixed stuff, which is loaded with sugar. My meal plan is as follows:

Breakfast: EAS Protein Shake
Snack: ChocoPerfection Bar
Lunch: Grilled Pork Loin and green beans
Snack: ????
Dinner: Chicken Salad and a veggie side of some sort

I've already downed 12 oz of water outside of the 20 oz of protein water I'm finishing up. I'm planning on at least another 32 oz of plain water today.

My photography schooling is going great. I'm loving every minute of it and wish I had the money for better equipment. I have a photo shoot coming up the end of this month, but to be honest, It's embarrassing to show up with a point-and-shoot camera. Basically that's what I have. It's not a DSLR. I have one lens and a converter I can attach. So anyway, I'm dealing with it, but it limits me and that's frustrating.

Ok, I guess that's all for now. If I find something interesting to share later, and have the time, then I'll be back later today. Meanwhile, have a great one!


Justin Wallraven said...

Gosh, there must be something in the water, huh? We gotta lose this funk, Amy.

As far as the photography is concerned, at least you are having fun with it. I've never done photography but EVERY person I know who has ALWAYS wishes they had more money for better equipment. I think "Camera Envy" is just a required part of that hobby. ;)

Amy Dungan (a.k.a Sparky's Girl) said...

You help pull me up out of the pit and I'll do the same for you, deal? :0)

I would suspect "camera envy" if it wasn't for the fact that my camera isn't professional enough to really do a good job. I think I do really well considering my shots are with a $350 point-and-shoot camera. But a DSLR will actually allow me to control the shots more. There are things I can't do with my current camera that hinder my ability to market my work. But yeah... it's an expensive hobby (although not a hobby for me, it will be a career) and they are constantly coming out with something new and more expensive all the time. I don't want the newest thing out there... I just want something "good enough" that will allow me to do my best and profit from it. I'll get to "camera envy" later, when my dslr is outdated and considered a dinosaur. :0)

Carol Bardelli said...

Amy, reward yourself for getting back on track even if it's just a bubble bath or a cup of tea and a good book. The main thing is you did it today. That's all any of us can do.

When you said you got on the treadmill I remembered we both own the same one. Go Proform Gals!

Amy Dungan (a.k.a Sparky's Girl) said...

Thanks for the support Carol! I love my Proform! :0)

Sherrie said...

You don't have a SLR at all Amy?

My gosh your too hard on yourself sometimes, YOU DON'T HAVE A SLR YET LOOK AT YOUR PHOTOS!!!


I wish you lived nearby. I used to love photography and learnt how to use a SLR at school and have since forgotten. I have always wanted one for as long as I can remember so sometime early last year after our camera died and we went through some pretty bad stuff I went halves with Garry in one. Yet I have been so caught up with everything else I still haven't really sat down and learnt to use it and have still yet to get lenses and filters.

If you were nearby we could both use it and you could teach me some tricks! :)

With your depression and thyroid. In the meantime you could take do the temperature tests in the mornings before rising to give you an idea if your thyroid is a problem. Plus, if it is, those tests will be good ammo to take with you to the doctors. Hypothyroidism on its own can put you in a funk and cause depression so worth investigating!

Amy Dungan (a.k.a Sparky's Girl) said...

Thanks so much Sherrie! Your comments about my photos are such an encouragement. It would be SO cool if we lived close to each other. We'd have way too much fun. :D

I'll check into the temperature tests. I remember reading about that somewhere. That might be very telling indeed!