Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Induction Flu & Update 2

I think I got it. I'm super tired right now. More than usual even, which is pretty bad (due, I think, to a thyroid issue I hope to have checked out soon). Here's to hoping it goes away fast. I guess it could be worse. I could be having headaches, etc. so I'll quit complaining.

I've been carefully counting my carbs, fat, calories and protein in FitDay. Here's my numbers for the last couple of days:

Monday June 2nd

Calories: 1333
Carbs: 16 (I don't count fiber in my totals)
Fat: 95
Protein: 101

Tuesday June 3rd

Calories: 1216
Carbs: 25 (lots of veggies yesterday!)
Fat: 83
Protein: 82

I didn't weigh Monday, after all weekend of bad eating, but I expected my weight had to be up a good little bit. I just felt it. On Tuesday I decided to weigh and at least see where I was re-starting at. I was pleasantly surprised to see 181.4 on the scale. I expected it to be around 185. Since quitting Kimkins and struggling with other issues, I've regained over 20 lbs of the 43 I'd lost last year. It stinks... but there it is.

So I ate carefully all day Tuesday as well. This morning - 179 even. That's the lowest number I've seen in a couple of months. I'm going to continue to keep eating like this and see if the loss continues.

According to Fitday, with my somewhat sedentary lifestyle, I burn 2,667 calories each day. Naturally if I exercise, which I'm trying to get back into, that amount increases. It says that I can currently lose at around 1,800 calories a day. Right now that seems like A LOT of food. If I've learned anything, it's not to eat just because some number or time of day requires I do so. I eat when I'm hungry. I eat slowly until I'm full and then I stop. If I need a snack, I'm having one. I'm increasing my water, which also helps a bunch. So I'll continue on this course until I feel like I need more. When I start exercising regularly I may need to up my calories, so that's something I need to keep in mind as well. It's all a learning process. And I'm learning that my body isn't reacting to my lifestyle the way it did the first time around. At least not since Kimkins. (Oh to go back in time and change THAT mistake!)

Anyway, that's the latest on my weight-loss efforts. I hope to have a review for you tomorrow. Have a great day!


2BIG said...

welcome to Atkins. Glad to see you are coming off kimkins with a healthy eating plan and some exercise.

One reason you are not seeing the same returns for your efforts right now is your body isn't the same as last time. On Kimkins with the fats and cals and carbs low the human body despite Kimmer's assurances it would use your body fat for make up energy needs had glucose needs that it filled by breaking down your body proteins as the source for the amino acids for gluocgenesis. Those muscle proteins that are now gone burned fuel all day long so your metabolism is less right now then the last time you weighed 181 pounds.

You will see with the Atkins higher protein amounts your body will be replenishing protein stores repairing tissues damaged following Kimkins plan and handling all growth issues too. That repaired protein based body tissue will add scale weight but is actually lean body mass so you are shedding more body fat mass then your scales are showing during this transition period. Use your tape measure to see the inches of your body fat being metabolized as your scales don't validate your efforts.

Happy low carbing.

Amy Dungan (aka Sparky's Girl) said...

Hi 2Big. Thanks for your comment!

Just to clarify: I'm in no way new to Atkins. I started Atkins in 2001 and stuck with it successfully for almost 4 years. Life issues got in my way and I fell on my face and didn't get back up until I'd gained it all back, plus some. I got serious about it again in Jan. 2007 and started losing weight again, before trying KK. I understand what you are saying about my metabolism being messed up by Kimkins, which I have been saying all along. My problem is that I've not been on Kimkins since early September of last year. I've since went back to Atkins and have done nothing but gain fat. Now I'll admit I had frustrating moments and did not always eat correctly, BUT I did eat well for the most part and gaining back over 20 lbs was very disheartening. I do measure and my inches have done nothing but increase.
I want to stress that it's not because of Atkins. I feel strongly it's because I've been battling undiagnosed thyroid symptoms for years on top of a really messed up metabolism due to KK. The only way for me to currently see weight or inches lost is to count my calories as well. It stinks, because that didn't used to be the case for me, but such is true now. I can no longer consume 2000 calories a day while low-carbing and lose weight. *sigh*.. such is life.

Sherrie said...

Hey Amy good luck!

If you suspect thyroid issues then after induction you need to up your carbs to somewhere between 30-50grams per day.

Amy Dungan (aka Sparky's Girl) said...

Hey Sherrie!

What is the purpose of raising my carbs if there is a thyroid issue? I've never heard of doing that, so I'm about to learn something. :)