Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Family Is Growing!!

Look! We're expecting even more great content!

I'm excited to announce that many low-carb names you know and love are now writing for! This is not only a big step in our efforts to share the truth about low-carb living, but it's also a tremendous opportunity for each of these talented writers. I feel very honored to be an Examiner and I truly hope I can fill the shoes they have handed to me. I have no doubt that the newest additions to Examiner will do a fantastic job and make us all proud!

So here's a current list of low-carb examiners you simply must check out!

Jamie Van Eaten - National Low-Carb Examiner from The Ligher Side of Low-Carb

Regina Wilshire - National Low-Carb Health Examiner from Weight Of The Evidence

Carol Bardelli - National Fitness Examiner from Kudos For Balanced Fitness and Lifestyle

Jimmy Moore - National Low-Carb Examiner from Livin' La Vida Low-Carb

Linda Duffy - Denver Low-Carb Examiner from Wifezilla's Way

And lastly my column...

Amy Dungan - St. Louis Low-Carb Examiner

I do hope you'll visit each link and leave a word of encouragement and support, as well as read often. I really think we are starting to see a shift in public thinking. If we all pull together, low-carb living will eventually get the respect it deserves. :)


Vikki said...

I'm so proud of you all! Now get to work and get the word out there...giggle

Jennifer said...

For a moment, I thought you were expecting again! :-)

Thanks for the great info, Amy!

Amy Dungan (aka Sparky's Girl) said...

LOL... it never occured to me that someone might think *I* was expecting. My dh even recently made a comment about baby beds and what kind he'd like for the next one. I'm like "WHAT? So.. when do YOU plan on having this next child?" LOL

Jennifer said...

ROFL That's really funny!

Amy Dungan (aka Sparky's Girl) said...

Hi Vikki! Yes Ma'am! *salute* :)

How weird.. for some reason I didn't get a notification that you had commented. Gotta love technology when it doesn't work right. LOL