Sunday, November 02, 2008

Christmas Painting Sale

Hey gang. I'm doing well and hanging in there. The scale is staying the same, which is always better than going up.

Today I am posting about something that has absolutely nothing to do with low-carb. It's a shameless plug for my business. BUT, this is my blog so I can do that now and again, right? ;-)

I'm now taking orders for my Christmas sale on painted photographs. These are hand painted, by me, in Photoshop from digital photos, then printed on canvas. Here is an example of a painting I did of my daughter:

Original photo:

Painted Photo:


I can use almost any photo for this, although I will require a copyright release from any taken by a professional photographer. I'm now taking orders for Christmas. If this is something you'd be interested in learning more about, please contact me using this address.

Thanks for humoring me! :0)


Jennifer said...

Oh, Amy, this is gorgeous work!! I don't know if my previous comment got through. Doubt it as the net was giving trouble... Your daughter is beautiful just like her mom.

Jennifer said...

P.S. I'm going to show Ian your work.

Amy Dungan (Sparky's Girl) said...

Thanks Jennifer! I enjoy doing it! And thanks for the nice comment on my daughter. I think she's pretty special. :)

Sadekat said...

Wow! You are a very talented artist! Your daughter is so adorable!

Amy Dungan (Sparky's Girl) said...

Thanks Sadekat!

I hope no one is getting the wrong impression. These aren't hand painted in the traditional sense. I paint them with a tablet and pen in a program called Photoshop. It's very labor intensive and time consuming, but I enjoy it.

Sadekat said...

You're right about that photoshop program. My husband is dying for the professional version, but it's pricey! He used to use the program in college and said he'd spend hours and hours fiddling with it.

Amy Dungan (Sparky's Girl) said...

LOL, that's because it takes hours and hours to figure out what you are doing. :) Once you figure it out, it's not too bad. (I've had no formal training.) But stuff like this still takes hours of work. And yeah, PS is very expensive. It's crazy expensive.