Monday, November 10, 2008

NUVA Winners!

Hey everyone!

I'm really surprised that we only had eight people enter the giveaway, especially since my reader numbers are a lot higher than that. :0) But, that just gives those who did enter get better odds. I numbered each entry 1 through 8 and mixed them up in a bowl. I drew out two numbers for the winners and here they are:

Matthew Moak & Tony Kenck - Congrats! Your numbers were drawn! Please send me your mailing information at and I'll get your NUVA out to you asap. You have until next Monday to get the info to me. After that I'll have to re-gift.

Congrats and Thanks everyone for playing along. And for those who didn't win the 13 oz. canisters, be sure to take the survey to get your free sample packets.


Matthew Moak said...

Thanks Amy!!! An email is on its way...

Amy Dungan (Sparky's Girl) said...

Thanks Matt.. got it!