Saturday, November 15, 2008

Take my blog poll... Please.

*ba dum dum*

Ok, I wanted to point out that I have a poll going on the right over there. ---->
I'd love everyone's input on this. I'm trying to decide how to balance my examiner articles and my blog. So far, the majority doesn't like it when I write for examiner and then link to it here, instead of just posting it here too. Here's the problem though. I can't keep my job at examiner if you read it here and not on examiner. So I'm trying to find a way to keep the posts here and examiner interesting enough you'll want to read both. If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them!


Jennifer said...

Hahaha, you're so funny, Amy - the last thing in your poll mad me laugh. :-) Anyway, I did vote and I like both - have no problem linking from here to the Examiner, although I mostly link from my blog.

Tracey said...

Here's the thing for me, I read all blog posts using my Google Reader, so it's of course the easiest thing to just read them in full here without having to click on a link. BUT, I don't mind the link all that much, and linking to your examiner column from here is probably the only way I'll get to read it, since the feed from the Examiner is so annoying.

I have subscribed to all of the low-carb bloggers who write Examiner columns, but when the Examiner posts show up in my feed-reader, they don't specify who wrote them, there's hardly any text included, and when I click over, the link is often broken and not working and I have to hunt for the post. So, if you continue to link to your Examiner posts here, I'll be more likely to see it, know that it's something you wrote, and click over to read.

I hope that made sense!

Sherrie said...

Amy its much easier for people to know when you have a good link on Examiner to check out when you link to it here.

But I know what you mean and then there's the dilemma of google not liking duplicate posts as well.