Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Splendid Low-Carbing on sale until Feb. 14th!

Hey gang! I forgot to mention something very important yesterday! *EEK!!!*

My good friend Jennifer Eloff felt so bad that she couldn't give away more copies of her great cookbook Splended Low-Carbing, that she's made a special deal just for readers of this blog!

All 5 of her LC books normally sell for $77.70, but on this LIMITED TIME SPECIAL OFFER they will sell for only $57.77!

Splendid Low-Carbing, which is a national best-seller, normally sells for $23.95 but on this LIMITED TIME SPECIAL OFFER it will sell for only $17.77!

This is a great deal on some fabulous cookbooks, so don't miss out. These special prices will only last until the end of Valentine's day. (Wouldn't this make an awesome valentines gift!)

Just follow this link to get this VIP pricing. (All my readers are VIPs. You know that, right? *smile*)

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