Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This, that and the other

Hey everyone! Just a quick update.

Diet ~ Still working on keeping water my main drink of the day. I haven't cut out the diet soda, but I'm doing better. (And for those of you who are determined to leave comments about how too much water will kill me, please save us both some time... and don't.) I'm also back to using my fitday program again. I'm getting way too lazy about counting so I need to pay closer attention.

~ I'm going through writers block I think. It stinks. I was hoping that once things calmed down I'd be back to my old self, but I'm really struggling to write anything very interesting. Sure, I can blog about all the chaos in my life, but the dog chewing up my underwear kind of stuff can only go so far. I promise to keep trying though if you promise to keep reading. :)

Photography ~ This is taking up a good part of my time right now. I'm not complaining. I'm happy to be doing it because I love it so much. I'm constantly studying, experimenting and learning. And spending... spending seems to be a requisite to being a photographer. One day I might actually make enough to pay for all the equipment I've bought. Maybe.

Speaking of, I found this hilarious little youtube animation from a comic called What the Duck. WTD is a comic about photography and photoshop. It's hilarious to photographers and I'd guess anyone would get most of the jokes.

This animation is funny to me because I can't count the number of times my family has complained about how bright the flash unit is.

Well, I hope you all have a fantastic day. I'm going to try to stay out of this 105 heat index weather as much as possible. (Outside feels like a sauna already, thanks to the 1 billion percent humidity, and it's only 7 am. Cah-razy!)


Anonymous said...

(And for those of you who are determined to leave comments about how too much water will kill me, please save us both some time... and don't.)

This twist is certainly ironic for someone who has a post entitled "I'm not in the mood for ignorance." The links that were sent were based on solid research that revealed that the hype over the health benefits of 8 glasses a water a day were overrated and possibly harmful. No one suggested that drinking more water would "kill you," unless you really overdid it with hyper-hydration. The point was that we can relax instead of obsessing over the amount of water we drink daily. All liquids count toward the total, including the water in fruits and vegetables. Many people are forcing themselves to consume more water than they need because they believe it's healthy. These sites were simply trying to point out that it's not. The fact that you choose to not share them is indicative of your own bias and ignorance.

Amy Dungan (Sparky's Girl) said...

Dear Anonymous,

Actually, I found the links I received interesting, and had planned to dig deeper into them, until I started getting spammed with them. One link in the comments section is plenty. 10 is overkill so I chose not to share them again, and again, and again. Whether it was you spamming me or not, I guess I'll never know since no one bothered to leave a name and be held accountable for their actions and words.

Now to address my ignorance and bias. Did I say I disagreed with the info in those links? No. I simply said don't leave anymore links. I was tired of deleting the same links over and over. I don't have time for that. But thanks for your obviously emotional opinion of my intelligence.

The post that these links keep showing up on are talking about healthier options. Replacing diet sodas with water when I am thirsty. I never said I was guzzling a gallon of water a day. I never said I was even obsessing over how much I get. I'm just trying to deal with a less-healthy habit.

So, hopefully you've taken a chill pill and realized I didn't spurn you and all your outstanding knowledge. I just haven't had time to talk about it yet and I DO NOT have time to keep dealing with unnecessary repetition. It's annoying.

Anonymous said...

This anonymous person did not send anything close to 10 links, and not repetitively, so from my perspective, I send a few links and receive a snarky reply. So yes, without knowing whether someone else was sending other links over and over (or perhaps it was the system?), and annoying you, I would indeed presume that you disagreed with their content. With no mention at all that you found the links interesting in the least, coupled with the comment, you did appear to dismiss them, hence the my 'bias and ignorance' reply. I was not suggesting that you, personally, were guzzling a gallon of water a day. And again, the links were meant to be informative, nothing more. I won't trouble you here any more.

Amy Dungan (Sparky's Girl) said...

I've never claimed to be a politically correct kind of person. I don't sugar coat words. I'm sure you aren't the first person I've offended by something I've said, and I doubt you'll be the last. I have a very sarcastic sense of humor and some people don't appreciate it. Sorry you are one of those who don't. I can't please everyone.

I do appreciate informative links and I DID keep them in the comments section. Either there was a glitch or someone else had the same idea. Whatever the case, it happened and can't be changed. This is one reason why I was hesitant to allow anonymous comments. Now I don't know who was spamming and who was helping. Make sense? Anyhow, you are correct that I did not indicate I found them interesting. I was in a rush this morning and just blurted out what was on my mind and then ran out the door. Next time I'll try to be more precise when I need to clear something up. Fair?

Anyhow, I plan to study the links you shared further in the future. I'm sad to see you go, but that's your choice. If you do leave, have a nice life and I wish you the best, whoever you are.