Friday, June 19, 2009

Water Challenge Conclusion - Baby Steps!

I've learned something about myself while attempting this water challenge. I've learned I am REALLY addicted to diet soda. I suspected it, but this confirmed it. I did not make it the entire week without diet soda, but I DID get a whole lot more water in than I usually do and I drank LESS diet soda. So overall that's not too shabby. At least some progress was made. I did catch myself snacking a lot though. Again. :( I was consciously trying to avoid doing that and it happened anyway.

So my new goal for this week will be to continue as I have been. Lots of water - limited diet soda. It's certainly better than the way I was doing things before. To borrow from Bob in What About Bob?...

Baby steps away from the soda.

Baby steps toward the water.

In other news, I have an inbox full of all kinds of stuff I want to blog about. Now I just need a day full of time to do it in. Here's to hoping it actually happens.


Bev said...

I've found sparkling water to really help break my longing for diet colas. It's the fizz I need.

Amy Dungan (Sparky's Girl) said...

Great idea Bev! I'll give that a try!