Saturday, January 06, 2007

Back down!

As many do, I had a rough time sticking with it during the holidays. I was mostly going for damage control between Thanksgiving and New Year. There are just way too many get togethers during this time and they all involve food. While I didn't maintain, I did only gain about 3 lbs. On Jan. 2nd I started back on my plan and I'm happy to say that as of this morning I back to where I was before Thanksgiving! Now to keep that momentum going... then I can post new numbers on my weight loss tracker!
I've found a new favorite treat! Nestle Sugar Free Caramel Nips are so good! And they don't seem to give me gut troubles like some sf candy does. They do contain sugar alcohols, but not in horrific amounts, which may be why they don't bother me. So if you like caramel I highly recommend these. They really help kill the sweet craving and keep you on plan!

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Emzi said...

Yummy those look good! :)