Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I hold the fork

I just got this great email from a friend of mine and thought I'd share it with you.

1. I admit I LOVE FOOD and I am ADDICTED to it.

2. My weight BOTHERS ME and I know it's NOT HEALTHY.

3. I am overweight for the most part because I OVEREAT and DON'T EXERCISE ENOUGH.

4. I have BLAMED many people and many things for my fat, but I must admit I AM TO BLAME. I hold the fork.

5. I FORGIVE those who have made fun of me, judged me or put me down because of my weight.

6. I FORGIVE myself and FORGET about all the times I tried before.

7. Today I will make TIME for myself, I will eat healthy and I will exercise.

8. I will not IGNORE, HIDE FROM or AVOID food. I will FACE food and not lean on it.

9. I realize food has NO POWER and will never solve any of my problems--past, present or future.

10. I will be PATIENT with myself and will not become COMPULSIVE and OBSESSED with losing weight and exercising.

11. If I didn't do great yesterday, I will try HARDER today.

12. I will take a DAILY INVENTORY and be TRUTHFUL with myself.

13. I know now there are no EASY WAYS to do this. I know the only way to achieve my goal is through EXERCISE, EATING HEALTHY and STAYING MOTIVATED.

14. I will use my SENSE OF HUMOR today, for it heals loneliness,. depression, insecurity and boredom.

15. This time I am doing this for ME.

16. I am a TERRIFIC PERSON and I like myself RIGHT NOW, no matter what I weigh.

17. The next time I have a CRAVING for anything I know is fattening or am tempted not to exercise, I will think about the NEW ME, and I will be strong.

18. I will take a look IN THE MIRROR and say, "I'm going to have a GREAT day."

19. I have a very POSITIVE OUTLOOK about "My Life."

20. I am DOING it! I am going ALL THE WAY!


Isn't it amazing how our attitudes can make such a difference?

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