Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Links you may be interested in...

I wanted to share a few of links with you.

Dr. Mike Eades has an outstanding explanation of the metabolism and ketones, which I know you will enjoy. If you've never quite understood why low-carb works so well, or what ketosis really is, this is a post you won't want to miss. He explains it in layman's terms to be sure you really get it.

For those of you who are diabetic, I'm sure you've heard the news about Avandia and it's dangerous side effects. If not, you'll want to check out these posts:

Connie Bennett of Sugar Shock: Is Avandia Going the Way of Vioxx? Popular Diabetes Drug May Raise Risk of Fatal Heart Attacks

Jimmy Moore of Livin' La Vida Low Carb: GSK, FDA Knew Avandia Raised Heart Disease Risk In 2005, But Did Nothing About It

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