Thursday, July 19, 2007

I'm not even sure where to start today...

I have a variety of topics swimming around in my brain today. Not to mention all the stuff I need to get done around here. I'll try to harness at least one coherent thought for you though.

Weight Loss

Traveling and weight loss just do not mix well for me. I had a BAD day yesterday. I had went two nights straight without rest, so I was tired and hungry. Bad combo. I caved in and ate two high carb meals that I otherwise would not have been interested in. So today I'm working diligently to get back into ketosis. I'm up two lbs, but I'm not changing my ticker. It's just water.

Why didn't I sleep? The first night my daughter was up half the night puking. Yeah.. TMI. Anyhow, she asked for some chips while we were driving around. She picked out some Fritos that she could share with her brother. Since the store we were at had little in the way of nutritious foods, I figured this wouldn't hurt her too bad. Boy was I wrong. She ate most of the bag herself. Then wasn't very hungry at mealtimes. So anyway, I spent most of the night sitting next to her by the hotel bathroom toilet. What fun.

The second night our room's a/c unit died. It was warm and hubby went down to the desk to complain. They had several units that were going out due to age and had been slowly replacing them. They only had one room left they could move us to, and it was a suite. It would have been fine with us of course, but they wanted to charge us more if we moved there. WHAT?!? They did knock $60 off the total room price if we moved, which would have only cost us another $40 to switch, but no thanks. We weren't going to pay more because they had faulty a/c units. Anyhow.. it started working again later in the night, but kept making awful noises while it ran and it kept me awake. I'm a super light sleeper so I tend to hear everything. I'm going to start bringing ear plugs with me.

Photo Contest

Thanks to all of you who have voted! Please tell others so they can vote too!

Camera Update

I got an email from the repair shop saying they are waiting for an ordered part to fix my camera. It could take as long as 3 weeks to get the part. THAT is totally unacceptable. I was told I'd have it back within 7 to 10 business days when I sent it off. I HAVE to have my camera for my schooling. And I can't afford to go spend a chunk of money on another one. So I'm less than happy and will be talking to them about this asap.

St. Louis LC Meet-Up!
For those of you in or near the St. Louis area, don't forget about our low-carb lunch together the day after tomorrow! It should be lots of fun and you can meet several other low-carbers. We have several who plan to attend and I'm really looking forward to it! I hope you are too!


Let me just say I don't understand them at all. I don't understand malicious behavior. I don't understand hatefulness. I don't understand trying to ruin a person and enjoying tearing them down. This kind of childish behavior baffles my mind. It disappoints me greatly. I don't understand this kind of mean spirited behavior, especially from people I expect to know better and BE better than that. I guess I was wrong about some people. I also don't understand friends who abandoned other friends when they are under attack. I don't do that. What is this gaining anyone? The guilty party or parties know who they are and I hope they are proud of the pain they have caused. I don't need to name names.. they know who they are.

Thursday Words Of Wisdom:

A bit of hard work never killed anyone - by why risk it?

Have a great day all. I'll try to post again later, if time allows.

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