Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fiberfit Sale

Just wanted to give you a heads-up in case your interested...

I've quickly become a huge fan of the fiber based sweetener called Fiberfit. With only 1 carb, and that solitary carb being fiber, I feel free to use it in everything that requires sweetening. I used it in a quick cheesecake like mousse last night and it was fantastic! Not to mention the fact that it requires considerably less Fiberfit to sweeten something than of other artificial sweeteners.

If you are a fan of Fiberfit, now is the time to stock up! Karen Rysavy, of Truly Low Carb is having a sale on her 4 oz. bottles of Fiberfit. 5 bottles for $20 $22 or 12 bottles for $40 $42. (Sorry... Karen made a minor mistake in the pricing and just notified me, so I corrected it above.)

Why so cheap? Here is the explanation on her site:

Why the drastic reduction? Because the Best By Date is 04/27/07 - but I've personally used liquid Fiberfit from our first batch for as long as 2 years after the best-by date and could not tell the difference. I am really not sure there should be any valid expiration date - the stuff seems to last forever with no change - but manufacturers have to expire products in order to qualify for liability insurance, so ..... Take advantage of our over-production and STOCK UP NOW!!

Karen is a friend of mine and I trust her opinion on this. (I don't say that about everyone...) And I have to say that my current bottle is from the same batch she's clearing out and still tastes wonderful! I just took advantage of this sale and submitted my order for 12 more bottles. :0)

Added 2-14-08: Be sure when ordering you use the drop down menu to get the sale price. I've provided a screen shot below:


jennyt said...

Thanks for the info. Could you post the cheesecake mousse recipe?

Amy Dungan (a.k.a Sparky's Girl) said...

Hi Jenny! I'd be glad to share it! I'll make a note to do that soon, Ok?